Service Authorization

A Service Authorization must be signed prior to commencement of services.


Our Policies 
Previous Research


The client understands that it is vital to provide as much information as possible to avoid duplication of previous research.  This includes, but is not limited to, GEDComs, Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Documents, Copies of letters, wills, journals, family bible pages, family stories or legends, previous research, previous DNA results, previous DNA reports, etc... 

Please do not send originals!






Further Research


If requested, we will retain your file and if new information becomes available we will contact you.   We will also refer future inquiries from possible family members to you, if desired. 

Our experience enables us to offer services on a wide variety of genealogical interests. However, if we find that we do not have the specific expertise for your needs, we will refer you to a qualified professional who can further assist you. This guarantees that our clients obtain the highest quality service possible. 




We will treat with discretion and hold confidential all information provided by you or obtained through research. At no time will sensitive information or information on living persons be shared except within the original report. 




Kinxions shall retain the copyright to all reports and claims the right to further use the results of said research in publication for professional applications, classes, articles or books unless specifically prohibited.  All privacy laws will be complied with as outlined above. 






If the client decides to distribute the findings they shall report them accurately, including all qualifiers such as "possible, probable or unproven" and will attribute our work as the source.  We will not accept responsibility for publication of findings that have been tampered with, where qualifiers or explanations have been omitted, or where our work is combined with other researchers and is not specifically and correctly attributed.


Client may make copies and otherwise distribute the report as desired within compliance of the above guidelines. 


Our clients are very important to us. 
We appreciate the confidence they place in our services and will therefore work diligently in their behalf.   We promise to follow professional standards of genealogical research and ethics, and to provide our clients with results that reflect those standards. 
Financial Agreement


A deposit of 50% is required prior to commencement of work. The full amount is due upon completion of terms and must be received before the full report is delivered.  Funds will be held in your account until the completion of the research goal. If there are unused monies the client will be consulted to determine whether they should be applied to continuation of work or refunded. 




Since genetic genealogy is a rapidly developing field, we strive to keep current with the latest discoveries and to interpret our findings based upon this information. We guarantee that our reports will be as extensive and exhaustive as possible, according to scientific advances, as well as client specifications and funding. 

it is important that the client understand that they are paying for the research performed and that it is impossible to guarantee that all desired information and resources will be available at the time of their request.  At Kinxions we adhere to the highest ethical standards and therefore do not promise that the desired result will be obtained when circumstances beyond our control prevents such an outcome.   







Our Promise





Thank you for "getting kinnected" with Kinxions Genetic Genealogy!


2010 - present

2010 - present

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