DNA DataPrep

Are you a person who likes to do-it-yourself and you've already had your DNA tested, but now you're looking at your results and all you see is just a bunch of names and numbers. You may not be sure where to go from here. 


You've likely heard how important it is to create a database for comparison of your DNA results. This is an essential part of DNA analysis, but many people are reluctant to do it because it can be a complicated, tedious, time-consuming process. 


But if you don't do it you won't be able to compare your results in an organized way.  You might also be misled by matches who appear closer than they are due to "pedigree collapse" or endogamy. How will you know unless you analyze the data? 


Our DNA DataPrep service does this for you. You can pick the level of service you'd like with the basic database setup where we: 


  • Download your .csv files

  • Merge them into a comprehensive database with

       customizeable fields

  • Create a tab to paste results prior to sorting for each company tested

  • Merge all files with results of 5+ cM or 10+ cM as desired 

  •  Provide a DNA Checklist and Research Log


In addition, you can upgrade your organization by having us import: 

  • Existing surnames

  • Relationship predictions

  • Y-DNA and MtDna results, if applicable

  • Existing Email Addresses

  • Other options as requested


These fields will exist in the database so you have the option of importing this information yourself. 


Let us help you get started making those "KinXions"! 






Questions? Email us: linda@kinxions.com


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