DNA Services

Why genetic genealogy? 


Your DNA contains valuable genealogical information that can help you find answers to your family history questions. You will be able to identify the DNA you have in common with known cousins and confirm your relationships with them. 


You may also find previously unknown cousins who share your DNA and who may be able to provide you with more information about your ancestors. 


We are here to help you throughout the process. Whether you just want advice on which company to test with, or if you would like us to manage your entire DNA profile, we offer solutions that will fit your needs. 


If you've already tested, we will assist you in setting up your profiles. Or if you'd prefer, we'll manage your DNA profile for you by: 


  • Building a database of your DNA matches 

  • Creating charts and other visualization options

  • Mapping your chromosomes

  • Communicating with your DNA matches

  • Building and uploading a GEDCOM 

  • Uploading your results to third-party services


DNA offers solutions to your once unsolvable genealogical problems.


Discover the difference DNA can make for you!  

Questions? Email us: linda@kinxions.com


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