Welcome to Kinxions! 

At Kinxions Genetic Genealogy we know how important it is to be connected with your family. We also know that for some people that may seem impossible because they don't know who their family is and they think there is no way to find out. 


But there are ways to find them, and we are here to help you. 


What may have been impossible just a few years ago is now a viable option for you - and an affordable one at that because we have solutions that will adapt to your needs. 


We are here to help you throughout the process of finding your ancestors; from advice on which company to test with to DNA profile management.  Learn more about our DNA Services.


Are you a do-it-yourselfer who would like to manage your DNA but you'd like a little help setting up a database? Our popular DNA DataPrep is the perfect solution for you. 


We know what its like to be curious about your ancestry. You don't have to wonder anymore. 


Order now and get kinnected today!

Questions? Email us: linda@kinxions.com


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