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At Kinxions Genetic Genealogy we know how important it is to be connected with your family. Yet, there are some of you who don't know who your relatives are, so connecting with them feels like an impossible dream. 


It's not impossible anymore. There are ways to find them, and we are here to help you throughout the entire process.


Some of you are family historians who just want to ensure that your genealogical research is accurate with genetic evidence, but you don't want to become DNA experts. We're here to help you verify your conclusions or point you in the direction you need to look to find your answers. 

We'll work together with you to create a customized plan of action that meets your genealogical needs. 

  • Would you like us to perform full-scale genealogical research that includes genetic evidence for you? Learn more about our Genetic Genealogy services. 

  • Have you completed your family history but want to ensure the accuracy of your research with genetic evidence? Learn more about our Genetic Genealogy services. 

  • Would you like help setting up your profiles, databases, or interpreting the results? Learn more about our  DNA Management services. 

  • Were you expecting answers from your DNA test, but your results only raised more questions? We'll provide compassionate support as you find those answers. 

We know what it's like to be curious about your ancestry. You don't have to wonder anymore. 


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