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DNA Dashboard


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You have probably heard how important it is to test your DNA at each company (or transfer your results) so you can find as many matches as possible and utilize the unique tools each company offers. You may have also heard that once you do this you should note the information on your highest matches somewhere. So. you diligently gather your match data and load it into a spreadsheet, but now you have this massive database that is not as helpful as you hoped and makes you feel a little overwhelmed. Alternately, you may have foregone the spreadsheet so you're switching between company databases, gathering the mental notes for each match over and over again. The colored dots are helpful, but do you always remember which company your match of interest tested with? Did they test at more than one? By the time you find them, have you forgotten why you were looking for them in the first place? If you're like me, when you research you probably have several screens with multiple documents open, in adddition to numerous tabs that you are constantly switching between, and when you are in the zone you certainly don't need to be distracted by looking up all that information - again. What you need is one place for all the data you've collected so you can spend your time doing research instead of reinventing the wheel. You need to be able to visualize the results in a way that makes sense and adds insight into the relationships between you and your matches. You need all the information in one place, with links to research folders, charts, and pedigrees right at your fingertips. Automating the ability to sort and filter your match data allows you to concentrate on the analysis of the genealogical problem rather than getting overwhelmed by the data. You can work more efficiently and effectively, and accomplish more in less time. Stop spinning your wheels and start making "Kin-X-ions!"

Please note that the Service Agreement must be completed prior to the commencement of services.

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