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Genealogical Research


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KinXions Genetic Genealogy understands the importance of connecting with your relatives. Yet, that can feel impossible when you have hit that genealogical "brick wall." What if I told you that a combination of genetic and documentary evidence has proven time after time to overcome the limitations of decades of documentary research alone. It's not impossible anymore! There are ways to find your family and I am here to help you throughout the entire process. I will work with you to create a customized plan of action to meet your genealogical needs.

I know what's its like to be curious about your ancestry. You don't have to wonder anymore. Let me help you discover your "Kin-X-ions!"

Each KinXions Research Report package includes

  • Report Plan stating the research objective and outlining the intended course of action. This is usually established during a consultation through Zoom or email and could be a standalone product if you choose to do the research yourself. Otherwise, it is generally embedded into the research report.

  • Research Log noting dates, goals, conflicts, leads, notes, links, citations, and document index numbers.

  • Research Report of detailed analysis and findings with recommendations for future research.

  • Research Documents correlated with the research report and indexed research log.

  • Detailed statements/invoices including dates and times allocated to specific tasks, as well as status and billing updates.

Please note that the Service Agreement must be completed prior to the commencement of services.

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